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Instrumentation Department Active Projects

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Project NameLeader
A/C Motor Control for SWICs/SEMs/Wheel Targets D. Schoo
Abort Monitor Scope J. Zagel
AC Beam Toroids N. Eddy
Adaptive RF Corrector N. Eddy
ASTA RadiaBeam Crosses A. Johnson
ASTA RadiaBeam crosses / Transverse Profile Monitors Java application -- Redmine J. Diamond
Beam Line Tuners V. Scarpine
Beam Loss Monitors R. Thurman-Keup
Booster BPM upgrade -- Redmine P. Prieto
Dark Matter Camera
DCCT -- Direct Current Beam Current Transformers A. Ibrahim
EMMA - UK G. Tassotto
FAST Bunch Length Instrumentation R. Thurman-Keup
FAST Instrumentation
Flying Wires J. Zagel
FRIB Support N. Eddy
Hydrostatic Leveling System for LBNF E. McCrory
Ion Chambers G. Tassotto
Ion Profile Monitors J. Zagel
KEK ATF P. Prieto
Laser Profile Monitor J. Zagel
LBNF Hadron Monitor R. Thurman-Keup
Linac 805 MHz Modulators P. Prieto
Linac Toroid Electronics Upgrade A. Ibrahim
Project NameLeader
Main Injector BPM System J. Diamond
Main Injector Electron Beam Profiler R. Thurman-Keup
MI and RR General Instrumentation Requests E. McCrory
MI/RR/ASTA Toroids & DCCT frontend software -- Redmine R. Tokarek
MiniBoone RTDs D. Schoo
Multiwires/SEMs D. Schoo
Orbit Verifier -- Redmine P. Prieto
PWC - Proportional Wire Chambers G. Tassotto
Quad Extraction Regulator P. Prieto
Recycler BPM Upgrade -- Redmine P. Prieto
Recycler Wall Current Monitors A. Ibrahim
Redmine Web Site J. Diamond
Sampled Bunch Displays R. Thurman-Keup
Schottky Pickups B. Fellenz
Software Documentation E. McCrory
Software for Linac Laser Notcher D. Slimmer
Software for Liquid Argon tests D. Slimmer
SWIC- Segmented Wire Ionization Chamber G. Tassotto
SWICs D. Schoo
Switchyard Mechanical System Monitoring R. Pierce
SY, P1 and P2 BPM frontend software -- Redmine J. Diamond
Temperature and Humidity Monitors J. Seraphin
Total Loss Monitors D. Schoo
Wall Current Monitors B. Fellenz

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