FAQ – AD Attendance

I am permanently back on site now. Do I still need to do this?


Until we get back to full, unrestricted operations of the facility, Mike Lindgren wants us to continue to submit your attendance every work day. Among other things, this will give management a trace of where you were when you were on site. This will help in the unfortunate situation of needing to do contact tracing. (So, when you are on site, jot down where on site you visited that day.)

How can I add, or change, my attendance entry (-ies) for last week?

This is done through the page, Edit your attendance. There is a link on the left side of this page, too.

Why am I being reminded to do this at 3PM every day?

  1. We want the information recorded before the end of the day so that we can chase down anyone who forgets before the day is out.
  2. When this system was initially commissioned in the Instrumentation Department, our criteria included the ability to know what each of our co-workers would be doing that day. Thus, we, in Instrumentation, fill this out first thing in the morning.
  3. This system does not replace the accurate accounting the lab requires in your FTL entries.
Thus, filling out this form early in the day is preferred.

Why are we only given 255 characters for the comments?

We need you to be succinct. It is OK to abbreviate or simplify the way you specify the projects you work on all the time. If we need that information and we don't understand your shorthand, we will contact you.

The information serves these purposes:

  1. If you were on site, to have a record of where you were
  2. To let your supervisor and your co-workers know where you are and what you are working on

It is not a substitute for our FTL report.

But I am doing more work than 255 characters can represent

Then you need to be succinct-er. Or succinct-er-er.

Seriously, check with your supervisor on what they want you to put into this field. Common techniques for being succinct include: use abbreviations, omit obvious words like "I am working on", or articles (a, an, the).

If you still have too much to fit into 255 characters, we recommend that you only report your on-site whereabouts here, email your supervisor with the details, and then indicate you sent this email in the comments.

I am doing "Flex Time" or "Phased Retirement" or "Rotating Shifts". What do I do on days when I am not supposed to work?

We make a significant, simplifying, but not completely accurate assumption here: Everyone works Monday through Friday. You should have an entry for every weekday no matter what work schedule you have. Remember, you can enter days in the future.

If you work on a weekend day (e.g., you are on rotating shifts or you get called in), make an entry for those days.

You do not need an entry on lab holidays (Labor Day, Thanksgiving, etc.) unless you have to work those days

How do I record my vacation days?

This form is not intended to be a replacement for FTL, nor is it considered official in terms of your paycheck.

Here is our recommendation, but check with your supervisor first:

  • If you are taking the entire day off, then select "At home, not working" and then you may add "Vacation Day" to the comment field.
  • If you are taking a partial vacation day, select "Working at home" and then if you like, add "half day vacation in the afternoon" (or something like that) to the comment field.

Security and Privacy: Is this information safe from prying eyes?

We are doing everything we can to ensure that your information is safe and accurate. Individuals have found a couple of security holes in these pages, which we have patched; Do not hesitate to contact us if you think you have found a security hole that an unscrupulous visitor could exploit.

Do not put any medical information in your entries! If you are sick, tell your supervisor directly and then check "At home, not working" with no comments.

More information is presented on these pages when you are on site, for example, links to the phone book. Also, on site you can see the comments for today's entries of the co-workers in your department.

Note: Your supervisor, your department head, and the folks in AD/HQ can see your information (that is kind of the point!).


If you have questions, comments or sourdough bread tips, contact Elliott McCrory or Rebecca Johnson. (When you are on site, this hyperlink will show, exactly, all of our information; Off site, it will go to the telephone page, but the search will not be quite right.)

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