Instructions – AD Attendance


It is important that the lab keep records of where people are working and what work they are doing during this difficult COVID-19 period. In case there are future questions, having the ability to show the records of the work we were doing in these unusual circumstances will demonstrate that we continued to deliver on the mission.


  1. Select the nature of your work that most closely matches your situation.
  2. Use the comments field* to enter:
    • Primarily, this field is for you to enter where you were if you were on-site, for example, “East Booster Tower - my office”, “MCR”
    • Any clarifications to your schedule (e.g., "Half day vacation")
    • Also include the tasks you plan to work on today – Be succinct
  3. Select the day for which this selection applies**
  4. Press 'Submit'

Which option should I select?

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* The comments field is limited to 255 characters. All special characters are removed.

** The date that is recorded is the date at Fermilab when you make the entry. For example, making an entry at for 'today' 9AM on a Monday from Japan, it will be recorded as being Sunday evening;

You may enter several days in succession, one day at a time.

Only one entry per day, please — Division management needs you to have one and only one entry per day. If you inadvertently make multiple entries for a day, you should delete the extra entries (there is a "delete" link next to each of your entries for today). Also, you can use the 'Edit Your Attendance' page to correct this; Supervisors may use this page to edit the attendance for their group.

Supervisors, and everyone in the AD/Headquarters, have a slightly different view of these pages. If this is confusing, or if there is a view you need that is not there, contact Elliott.

This information is in addition to (not in place of) your regular, weekly FTL entry.

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