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Booster type ceramic/titanium wire chamber

Main Injector Horizontal Schottky Detector

COVID-19 Work Location Reckoning

Official information for employees on COVID-19

Mission Statement: The Instrumentation Department is a team of technicians, engineers and physicists, and part of the Fermilab Accelerator Division.

Our core missions are:

  • Design, development and maintenance of beam instruments and diagnostics to characterize and monitor the parameters of particle beams in the Fermilab accelerators.

  • Support, maintenance, and improvements of beam monitor systems operating in the accelerator complex.

  • Advanced beam instrumentation activities and state-of-the-art RD&D initiatives to support future accelerator-based particle physics projects.

  • Education and training of students, engineers and scientists in the field of electrical/software engineering, and in the applied physics of beam instruments.

Department Head: Craig Drennan

Department Head: None Nobody

Link to McCrory's Friday operations notes. If you are prompted to login, type in yourName@services.fnal.gov. Then it will direct you to a Fermilab Services sign-on page.

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