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  MI/RR Department wish list for Instrumentation 2018-10-24
  Cable Mitigation at MI104 and MI105 2014-05-16
  Linac BPM Status Update 2013-03-06
  Linac BPM upgrade 805MHz phase signal System 2012-09-29
  MI8 line at Recycler Energy 2012-07-12
  Initial Results of Transverse Beam Profile Measurements Using a LYSO:Ce Crystal 2012-05-01
  Synchroscan streak camera imaging at a 15-MeV photoinjector with emittance exchange 2012-03-01
  Linac BPM COmmissioning Notes 2012-01-31
  ASTA/NML Transverse Profile Station: Testing and Installation 2011-12-13
  The upgraded data acquisition system for beam loss monitoring at the Fermilab Tevatron and Main Injector. 2011-11-01
  Longitudinal bunch monitoring at the Fermilab Tevatron and Main Injector synchrotrons 2011-10-01
  Synchrotron radiation based beam diagnostics at the Fermilab Tevatron 2011-09-01
  Initial Characterization of a Commercial Electron Gun for Profiling High Intensity Proton Beams in Project X 2011-05-01
  Initial beam-profiling tests with the NML prototype station at the Fermilab A0 Photoinjector 2011-03-01
  Transverse emittance and phase space program developed for use at the Fermilab A0 Photoinjector 2011-03-01
  First observation of the exchange of transverse and longitudinal emittances. 2011-02-01
  Upgrades of beam diagnostics in support of emittance-exchange experiments at the Fermilab A0 photoinjector 2011-01-01
  Electron Beam Profiler for Project-X 2010-06-24
  DCCT Update 2010-05-01
  Spatial resolution limits of YAG:CE powder beam-profile monitors at the Fermilab A0 photoinjector 2009-10-01
  BLM Upgrade Controller Card Program Design 2009-03-02
  Tevatron and Main Injector Sampled Bunch Displays 2008-08-20
  BLM Upgrade - Digitizer Card Operating Guide 2008-04-24
  The Origination and Diagnostics of Uncaptured Beam in the Tevatron and its Control by Electron Lenses 2008-04-15
  Bunch length measurement at the Fermilab A0 photoinjector using a Martin-Puplett interferometer 2008-03-01
  Synchrotron Light Monitor Front End Description 2008-02-29
  Abort Gap Monitoring Utilizing Synchrotron Light 2008-02-19
  Optical Imaging of the Tevatron Beam using Synchrotron Radiation 2008-01-29
  Synclite & AGI Harware Setup 2008-01-29
  Sync Light ACNET Parameters 2008-01-29
  Main Injector BPM Project Closeout Report 2007-04-05
  Readout Process and Noise Elimination Firmware for the Fermilab Beam Loss Monitor System 2007-04-01
  VME Base Address Switch Settings for the BLM System 2007-02-23
  Synclite Master Document 2006-10-25
  MIBPM Users Guide 2006-10-09
  Proton synchrotron radiation at Fermilab 2006-05-01
  Monitoring Abort Gap Beam Intensity in the Tevatron Using Synchrotron Radiation 2006-02-22
  MIBPM Electronics 2005-12-27
  BLM VME J2 Backplane Impedance 2005-10-31
  BLM System Control Bus Testing 2005-10-31
  A Controls Java-Based Synclite Viewer Application 2005-09-29
  Main Injector Beam Position Monitor Upgrade Software Specifications for Data Acquisition 2005-09-06
  Requirements for the Main Injector BPM upgrade 2005-09-06
  MIBPM Requirements Meeting, July 25, 2005 2005-07-25
  Measurement of the Intensity of the Beam in the Abort Gap at the Tevatron Utilizing Synchrotron Light 2005-05-01
  BLM VME J2 Backplane Crosstalk Evaluation 2005-03-16
  BLM Upgrade Users' Guide 2004-10-14
  MI beam orbit verifier specifications for the NuMI Beam Permit System 2004-09-02
  Tevatron BPM Front End Software User's Guide 2004-07-29
  DC Current Transformer DCCT Intensity Monitor Systems 2004-07-15
  Tests of BLM Integrator 2004-04-14
  Comments on the Tevatron Beam Loss Monitor (BLM) System by R. Shafer. 2003-07-22
  Prototype OTR Design Review 2003-04-10
  Beam Loss Monitor System Description 1983-06-20
  Spires search for keup 0000-00-00

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