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Instrumentation Department Active Projects

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Project NameLeader
8 GeV BLM Log Amp Boards A. Saewert
8 GeV BPM FE Code Upgrade C. Drennan
A/C Motor Control for SWICs/SEMs/Wheel Targets D. Schoo
Abort Monitor Scope
AC Beam Toroids N. Eddy
Adaptive RF Corrector N. Eddy
ASTA RadiaBeam Crosses
ASTA RadiaBeam crosses / Transverse Profile Monitors Java application -- Redmine J. Diamond
Beam Line Tuners V. Scarpine
Beam Loss Monitors R. Thurman-Keup
BNB Expand Target Cooling Instr. Rack D. Schoo
BNB Horn 5 Multiwire (money?) D. Schoo
Booster BPM upgrade -- Redmine P. Prieto
Booster CHG-0 Bergoz DCCT. A. Ibrahim
Booster Damper AIP (Transverse / Longitudinal) N. Eddy
Booster Ion Profile Monitors, IPM R. Thurman-Keup
Broken VME Crates J. Seraphin
Cabling up the Cryo-Modules for LCLS J. Seraphin
Current Booster Damper Operation N. Eddy
Current Delivery Ring BPM FE Code N. Patel
Dark Matter Camera
DCCT -- Direct Current Beam Current Transformers A. Ibrahim
Delivery Ring RFKO Slow Extraction P. Prieto
EMMA - UK G. Tassotto
FAST Bunch Length Instrumentation R. Thurman-Keup
FAST Bunch Length System Studies R. Thurman-Keup
FAST Instrumentation
FAST IOTA DCCT Calibration A. Ibrahim
FAST Linac Short Range Wake Field Study Proposal A. Lumpkin (V)
Flying Wire Storage C. Lundberg
Flying Wires
FRIB Support N. Eddy
Future Laser Notcher D. Slimmer
Future PIP-II Instrumentation System Specification C. Drennan
High Radiation Cables and Connectors A. Saewert
Hydrostatic Leveling System for LBNF
Ion Chambers G. Tassotto
Ion Profile Monitors R. Thurman-Keup
IOTA BPM Operation N. Eddy
IOTA BPMs J. Diamond
KEK ATF P. Prieto
LabView Motion Control for BPM Wire Scanner J. Fitzgerald
Laser Momentum Collimation LDRD (FLN, Future Laser Notcher) T. Johnson
Laser Notcher Labview D. Slimmer
Laser Profile Monitor V. Scarpine
Laser Working Group T. Johnson
LBNF Hadron Monitor R. Thurman-Keup
Linac 805 MHz Modulators P. Prieto
Linac Laser Notcher T. Johnson
Linac Toroid Electronics Upgrade A. Ibrahim
Linac Toroid Firmware Update and Maintenance A. Ibrahim
M-Test Fiber PWCs G. Tassotto
Main Injector BPM System A. Ibrahim
Main Injector Electron Beam Profiler R. Thurman-Keup
Meson Ion Chamber D. Schoo
MI / RR DCCT Update Obsolete Chassis. A. Ibrahim
Project NameLeader
MI and RR General Instrumentation Requests E. McCrory
MI BLM Code Modifications & Studies R. Thurman-Keup
MI-12B Target Sump Water Level D. Schoo
MI-62 Electron Beam Profiler R. Thurman-Keup
MI-8 (BNB) Horn 4 Target Multiwire (cable termination) G. Tassotto
MI-8 Multiwire Repairs (switch, cable swap) D. Schoo
MI/RR Ion Profile Monitors, IPMs R. Thurman-Keup
MI/RR/ASTA Toroids & DCCT frontend software -- Redmine E. McCrory
MI12A Dehumidifier Sensors D. Schoo
Ming-Jen Secondary Emission Sweeping Field Test D. Schoo
MiniBoone RTDs D. Schoo
MTA Refurbishment (2 BLMs) A. Saewert
MTA Refurbishment (9 multiwires) G. Tassotto
Mu2e Delivery Ring BPM Upgrade (Future) N. Patel
Multiwire Work for Others G. Tassotto
Multiwires/SEMs D. Schoo
Muon Beam Loss Monitor (BLM) work. A. Saewert
Muon PWC and Ion Chamber work. D. Schoo
Muon Schottky Tune Measurement V. Scarpine
Muon Toroid Upgrade A. Ibrahim
NUMI Button BPM FE Code J. Diamond
NUMI Target Alignment BLMs G. Tassotto
NUMI Toroid Calibration / Re-scaling A. Ibrahim
Orbit Verifier -- Redmine P. Prieto
PIP2IT ACCT and DCCT New Installation. A. Ibrahim
PIP2IT BPM Electronics Upgrade N. Eddy
PIP2IT BPM Linux Upgrade J. Diamond
PIP2IT New RWCM / Toroid A. Ibrahim
PIP2IT RF Interlocks (HWR / SSR1) P. Prieto
PIP2IT Schedule V. Scarpine
PIP2IT Wire Scanner V. Scarpine
PWC - Proportional Wire Chambers G. Tassotto
Quad Extraction Regulator P. Prieto
Recycler BPM Calibrations P. Prieto
Recycler BPM Data Upgrade P. Prieto
Recycler Wall Current Monitors A. Ibrahim
Redmine Web Site J. Diamond
Sampled Bunch Displays R. Thurman-Keup
Schottky Pickups B. Fellenz
Software Documentation E. McCrory
SpinQuest SWIC and Ion Chambers D. Schoo
SWICs D. Schoo
Switchyard BLM Pedestal Issues R. Thurman-Keup
Switchyard Mechanical System Monitoring R. Pierce
Switchyard Resonant BPM Intensity Calibration N. Patel
Switchyard Resonant BPM Repairs J. Seraphin
SY, P1 and P2 BPM frontend software -- Redmine J. Diamond
Temperature and Humidity Monitors J. Seraphin
Total Loss Monitors D. Schoo
Universal Clock Decoder Support Discussions C. Drennan
Updating Firmware in the 125MHz Digitizers A. Semenov
Updating Firmware in the 80 MHz, 16 chan. Digitizers A. Semenov
Upgrade Gloor Multiwires to Gloor II (8 each) D. Schoo
UTA Multiwires (6 each) D. Schoo
VxWorks 5.5 to 6.4 Conversion B. Santucci
Wall Current Monitors B. Fellenz

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